Picking the Right Breeder to Ensure That a New Puppy Grows Up to Be a Lovable and Healthy Dog

Rarely heard of not so long ago, golden doodle dogs are becoming more and more popular. Many families appreciate the way that certain of these dogs can be so easy on allergies, and virtually everyone is drawn to their inevitably enthusiastic and loving personalities. The dogs can also be especially intelligent, too, a gift from the poodle side of their ancestry that is only much more rarely found in the golden retrievers that make up the other half of their breeding.

With such a surge in the dogs’ popularity, it is unsurprising that a large number of breeders now offer them to clients. What relatively few people realize, however, is just how important it is to select a top-quality breeder when looking for a golden doodle puppy. Far from merely allowing selected dogs to mate and produce offspring, breeders have a monumental, enduring impact on the lives of the dogs they sell to the public.

A conscientious and dedicated breeder, for example, will take great care in selecting the parents that are used to produce golden doodle puppies. A truly capable Goldendoodle Puppy Breeder, then, needs to be experienced enough with purebred dogs to recognize a variety of traits in prospective parents, ranging from issues of disposition to genetic traits that could lead to problems in offspring. Breeders who take the time and have the necessary experience of this sort will inevitably produce far healthier and happier puppies than those with less in the way of skills or diligence.

Even once appropriate parents have been selected, plenty remains to be done. Puppies must be kept with their mothers for a period of weeks following birth, as this is the only established way to ensure that they have the best possible chances of growing up healthy. At the same time, a lack of human interaction during this period can contribute to a stunting of a puppy’s social potential. The best breeders, then, take care to play with and socialize with puppies virtually as soon as this becomes appropriate, a kind of dedication that helps to ensure that those puppies will grow up to be especially lovable and healthy dogs.