Pick Your Flooring, Carpets And Rugs

You may believe that you already have the perfect home. It can still be enhanced, though, with the most appropriate flooring or carpets and rugs. On the other hand, picking the wrong flooring or carpets and rugs can totally ruin the look of your home. You should, therefore, make your decision wisely and even ask for professional help if you are not sure about your choice.

Your flooring choices include hardwood, tile, vinyl and laminate.

Under hardwood flooring, you can choose between solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is available as planks or strips which are then sanded before customization. Engineered hardwood flooring is considered more structurally stable, though, since it is made of three to five layers of wood with perpendicular grains laminated together. It is also more resistant to moisture and can be used in damp areas such as basements.

Solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring both have to be properly installed and sealed so that they will not easily absorb liquid spills and get stained. To maintain hardwood flooring, you only need to do regular vacuuming and weekly mopping.

For tile flooring, your choices include natural stone, ceramic mosaic, glass and metal.

There are several types of natural stone tiles, including granite, slate, marble or limestone. Among these, granite is the strongest. Its high density makes it resistant to bacteria and moisture. It is therefore used often in the kitchen and in high traffic areas. Slate is also considered durable. Another advantage is its texture which is slip resistant. Marble is more slippery and is not too strong. It is best for low traffic areas. The softest among them is limestone which is used as a decorative accent.

Ceramic tiles are available as either glazed or unglazed mosaics. They are also quite durable. Glass and metal tiles, however, are just as decorative as limestone tiles.

For vinyl flooring, your choices include no-wax vinyl, urethane vinyl and enhanced urethane vinyl. The oldest and weakest variant is no-wax vinyl flooring. The newer urethane vinyl flooring is resistant to scuffs and stains and needs only little maintenance. The latest variant is enhanced urethane vinyl flooring which also has the highest resistance to moisture and harsh household chemicals. Maintenance is limited to mopping or sweeping. Vinyl flooring comes in many collors and designs, and can even look like hardwood or natural stone.

Laminate flooring also comes in designs that look like hardwood or natural stone but is much stronger and, ironically, less expensive. Laminate flooring has four layers which provides rigidity, prevents warping, contains the design and gives protection. It resists scratches, stains, moisture and fading.

In carpeting, your choices include cut pile carpets, loop pile carpets and cut & loop pile carpets. Pile is the yarn fiber used in weaving the carpet. The most popular styles in carpeting include broadloom carpets and wool berbers.

In rugs, your choices include runner rugs, area rugs and round rugs. In rooms with elegant themes, Oriental rugs are usually appropriate.

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