Personalized jigsaw puzzles made from your photo

When a map creator from Birmingham, John Spilsbury, first produced commercially accessible jigsaw puzzles, they have been among the hottest board games since the middle 1700s.

Because of the enchantment people have with making order from chaos, a picture from a broken cardboard of useless color gives us the same enchantment. The entertainment of jigsaw puzzles have survived for hundreds of years. The benefit of ultimately finishing, solving the jigsaw puzzle is usually deeply satisfying.

Jigsaw Photo Puzzles Today – Personalized jigsaw puzzles

Personalized photo jigsaw puzzles have existed for a long time now, but what many individuals don’t understand is simply how much the production procedure is developed within recent years. Early illustrations of personalized jigsaws were usually pretty lightweight affairs, restricted in size and providing just a couple of puzzle pieces. This led to a jigsaw that was not quite pleasing, little, and simple to finish. The puzzles are different now. It’s now possible to purchase a jigsaw puzzle according to a photo you provide that is made to as large and the same quality as any professional jigsaw puzzle which is for sale in the stores.

High quality personalized puzzles are available these days in a broad variety of dimensions and pieces catering to a far more challenging solving process. These puzzles offer more alternative, more sturdiness, as well as more of a puzzle! Large sized puzzles can today be created with 1000 or even 2000 pieces exhibiting your favorite photograph or art as a jigsaw puzzle. Your photographs won’t have seemed to you so great or offered you so much fun.

Photo collage puzzles

Photo collage puzzles are another type of personalized jigsaw puzzles, basically they are the same as standard jigsaw puzzles – can be made in the same sizes. The difference is that they are made from multiple photos of your choice. Photo collages makes great photo gifts for birthdays, family reunions, wedding favors and more. Take couple of your last vacation photos and turn them in to a jigsaw puzzle which will be treasured for life.

Magnetic photo puzzles

Want to make your personalized jigsaw puzzle more special? You can make with a magnetic surface which will stick to any metallic surface, for example your kitchen refrigerator. With magnetic photo puzzle you can expose your favorite photography and see it every day in an attractive and interesting manner. As all other jigsaw puzzle types magnetic puzzles makes great gifts for any occasion.

Promotional jigsaw puzzles

Want to promote your business, products, event or make interesting invitations to your wedding or birthday? Create little jigsaw puzzles with your own text, design, art or photo on them. We call them promotional jigsaw puzzles. With promotional puzzles you can grab anyone’s attention and keep them occupied while they are solving your message. Firstly they will read what you have written, unlike with standard promotional materials and secondly you will stand out of the crowd with your unique invitation, greeting card or flayer! Promotional jigsaw puzzles can be made as standard or with magnetic surface.

Quality in the largest companies of photograph puzzle makers has additionally enhanced significantly recently with large grade cardboard, and superb printing quality with great quality adhesive now being utilized. Now’s technologies additionally enables the jigsaw puzzle manufacturers to enlarge, improve and remedies your photograph therefore it creates the greatest possible looking jigsaw puzzle.

When thinking of purchasing a jigsaw puzzle don’t settle for less quality, take a look around the web and see which companies provide the top quality. Take look at their website, quality description and also how your puzzle will be presented, for example does it come in custom made box. is one of the leading jigsaw puzzle manufacturers in the world. They specialized in making personalized jigsaw puzzles, magnetic photo puzzle, photo collage puzzles and promotional jigsaw puzzles. You can be sure that with you will receive the highest quality jigsaw puzzle that will be loved by you and by the receiver.