Peeler Environmental for Your Termite Needs

Termite damage may devastate a house. Causing holes in walls and floors, termites are downright dangerous to have in your home. Additionally, termite damage can cause your house to lose its value. Termites are no joking matter.

Termites live in colonies from a hundred to a million bugs. Of the four thousand species of termites, only ten percent are damaging to homes and other buildings. They eat cellulose – especially wood – and serve a vital purpose in decomposing dead trees in forests and jungles. Of course, we don’t want them eating our houses.

It is a good idea to have your house checked once a year for termites. Termites swarm and then lose their wings when they find a source of wood – which can be your home. This happens every year so it is important to have your house checked every year. Peeler Environmental is a good source of termite knowledge and eradication. They will come out and check your home for termites. If they find them, there are several steps they can take to make your home termite free.

The first step is the inspection. Since a house can have termites for years without anyone noticing, they could find a huge colony. The next step is to bait the termites leaving them to die naturally. If the problem is big enough, tenting may be required. Tenting involves moving all living things out of your home and covering your house with a canvas tent to prevent the poison from leaking out into the environment. Poison is pumped in and left for several days to kill all the termites. Once you have tented, the house must be aired out before you can move back in. Finally you move into your now termite free house. Having established a relationship with a termite company, it makes it that much easier to have your house inspected each year.

Termites pose a threat to your home’s stability and structure. Getting your home checked every year prevents serious damage from termites. Swarms of termites happen every spring and can easily decide that your home poses a buffet for them and their offspring. Peeler Environmental can kill any live termites and protect your home in the future from further swarms.