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What You Need to Know About Sewer Line Repair

If you suddenly have drain problems or if you see stains on and around the foundation of your house, they can all be signs that you need to get your sewer line repaired. Your home’s ability to function could get undermined very quickly, so unless you do something as soon as possible, prepare to spend a lot of money on repairs. Whether you house has an existing septic system or is connected to the municipal sewer system, the advisable thing to do is to call in a plumber the minute you see indicators of trouble if you want to avoid racking up outrageous repair bills in the future.

Some of the Possible Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Clogs in the lines themselves are the usual root cause of sewer line damage. What most homeowners usually do when faced with this kind of issue is to pour strong chemicals into the lines to remove or open up the clog. This, however, is only a temporary solution because the chemicals may be causing more damage. Older homes have clay pipes that are composed of permeable materials that can also be disintegrated by these chemicals and cause further pipe failure.

When trees are planted too close to the foundation of a house, damage may sometimes arise because the tree roots get attracted to the water source inside the sewer pipes. The roots grow and ball up inside the pipe and totally block the water movement. Another source of damage is when the ground itself has moved and bent the pipes at an angle that discourages drainage, making the water well inside the pipes and leak out into the foundation.

What Are Your Options?

What homeowners should do at this point is hold off on the drain cleaners and contact the professionals to assess the damage. A professional plumber will know what the problem is immediately and do the necessary fixes, usually all within the same day. Sewer pipes that were installed inside the house contain clean out plugs that make it easier to look for clogs, without digging up the ground around the house to look for pipes.

However, if the cause of the problem is a faulty septic tank, then some digging and reconstruction would have to be made in order to replace the pipes. These are easily avoided by constant maintenance.

Repair Types

Minor repairs can be done by simply recoating the pipe’s interior with epoxy for issues such as when the pipe has cracked due to pressure or ground movement. Short pipes may be replaced by expert plumbers within one day. Power rodders can remove simple clogs and blockages.