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Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Matters There are few significant issues that may occur in absence of the yearly maintenance. Two important cleanings that are necessary to perform by a qualified heating and air conditioning company to ensure safety and proper system operation. With two important cleanings, furnace cleaning and air conditioning cleaning, we will only focus on the air conditioning cleaning. After an entire cool winter of resting and unused, an air conditioning system has a massive work at task upon first starting up for the summer. The outside unit of an air conditioning condensing unit works by making the state of the refrigerant change into the system from a liquid to a gas. A heat transfer and cooling of air through the coil inside your home generates. The component compresses the refrigerant back to a liquid state that has not been used and lubricated through the refrigerant after 7 months of not being used.
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The previous paragraph gives you a lot to handle for your first time reading, but it gives you idea of the complexity of the system and the importance in maintaining it. There will be some initial visual and audio to be taken note of when a heating and air conditioning contractor comes to look at the system for the first time of the year. For the first run up of the year, this is a crucial part to assure that there are no damages in your unit. The contractor can shut the unit down and look at the unit for damage if something looks wrong in the freon levels or the compressor sounds not right. The cleaning may begin shortly after inspecting the unit and assuring proper cycling.
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Always, the second part to this crucial air conditioning annual maintenance is cleaning the unit accordingly. The automobile radiator is what the fins on the condensing unit looks like. The tubes and fins are used to run the refrigerant through and pass air across that using a fan. Each and every year in summer, this coil gets blocked and it is necessary to be cleaned. Spraying the coil from the outside to get the leaves and debris off gives the problem. When doing this, it just pushes the debris more into the coil and plugs it even more. To open the top of the condensing unit and take the fan off is the only proper way of cleaning a coil. Spray from the inside out to clean the coil from the top to the bottom by using either nitrogen or water. There are some companies using chemicals in cleaning the coil, but it is not intended for annual use. With the correct way of yearly cleaning, there must be no reason to use chemicals to clean the unit. After checking of the system working and cleaning of the system, the contractor will check the refrigerant level of the system. This is a process due to different factors involving in the proper running air conditioning unit.