Nitrogen Generator – How to Cut Corners Without Sacrificing Quality

Why Use a Nitrogen Generator?

Companies that rely on Nitrogen gas for production or manufacturing have choices when it comes to their N2 gas supply. They can use a gas company supplier who will deliver high pressure gas cylinders on a routine schedule. Or they can purchase a Nitrogen Generator that can produce high purity N2 gas on-site and on-demand.

Dependency on a gas supplier for Nitrogen needs has some downsides. For one, it’s costly. Included in your gas charges are fees for transportation, delivery, storage, billing, and administrative costs associated with your account. You also give up control over downtime factors such as late deliveries, supply interruptions due to weather, and unanticipated spikes in gas usage leading to empties and shortages. In addition, it’s possible that some of the N2 gas you’re purchasing will be lost to evaporation during transport.

With a Nitrogen Gas generator on site, these inconveniences are eliminated entirely. Gas is produced and stored in direct response to demand in your downstream distribution system. So you always have a full tank ready to meet your needs.

When you no longer need a gas supplier, the necessity of tracking additional utility expenses disappears. There is no extra book keeping, inventory to account for, or gas contracts to negotiate. All of your Nitrogen gas costs become part of your electric bill, are predictable and stable, and are far easier to manage.

In addition to the convenience of a Nitrogen Generator, you’ll find that it is reliable, easy to operate and maintain, and will save significantly on operating costs.

Is a Nitrogen Generator worth the investment?

This question is an important one if you are considering a Nitrogen generator purchase for your business. What specific factors will figure into your decision?

Cost, reliability, safety, flexibility – all of these can be important to the efficient operation of your Nitrogen gas application.

But you can’t escape the fact that, especially with the current challenges posed by the economy, if the dollars don’t make sense, your alternative is to work around the other factors to keep operating expenses under control.

How much, and within what time period, a Nitrogen Generator will positively impact your bottom line is key to making your decision.

What if you can redirect what you are already paying to the gas company for your Nitrogen application, purchase or lease a Nitrogen Generator, and use the savings that result from eliminating your reliance on monthly gas deliveries to start immediately paying your company back? Once the Nitrogen Generator has paid for itself in that way, then those monthly savings really result in cash flow for your business.

If you go on to add up monthly savings and future cash flows, subtract out your initial investment, and end up with a positive result, it may be time to start getting a cost estimate for your Nitrogen Generator.