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The Need For Snow Retention Systems When wanting to have your own snow retention system, you have to consider some things first. The first thing that you’d want to check is what kind of roof your house has. You have to see if the roof that you have can allow snow to slide down. One of the most common concerns during the winter season is the heavy snow which is known to accumulate on the gutters of the roof very quickly. As you already know, gutters are important when it comes to diverting rain water, however, it wouldn’t be able to withstand the weight of the snow over time. The easiest way to determine if your roof will simply let the snow slide down to the gutters is if they’re made from either metal or tiles and if its pitch is 1/12 or even more. Most of the concerns during the cold or winter season is the accumulation of snow on the roof gutters since it’s not designed to be able to hold too much weight in the first place. That’s the reason why snow retention systems are important for homeowners who experience heavy snow every year. The snow retention system usually utilizes the use of retention clips which is there to make sure that the snow won’t slide down to the gutters. The retention clips are also safety tools for many situations. For example, if you won’t use retention clips, there’s a good chance that snow will accidently fall when you open your front door or garage. While there are can be some uses for snow, it’s a fact that having too much of it especially on the gutters is never good. Due to those facts, several types of snow retention systems have been developed to match different kinds of roofs. The three main types are the snow clamps, snow brackets, and the snow fences. These kinds of retention tools is commonly referred to as the snow guards which helps the snow thaw on the roof and not on the gutters. For metal roofs, it’s recommended that consumers use the snow fences. The recommended choice for standing seam metal roof are the snow clamps. The retention system that’s best for the tile and slate roofs would be the snow brackets.
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While it’s safe to say that there’s a low chance for snow to slide to the gutters if your roof has a low slope of 1/12, it would be safer to install a reliable snow retention system. You can always search the internet if you want to find out more about the best snow retention for your roof.The Best Advice About Options I’ve Ever Written