New Years Greeting Card Etiquette

New Years card etiquette is not typically something that one considers when purchasing a New Years card for someone, but it is certainly still relevant as it would be any other holiday. There are certain guidelines to choosing the right card for someone and New Years is no exception! If you want to really impress someone and make them feel special, here are a few simple guidelines to follow when choosing the right New Years card.

Have you ever seen a New Years card that was just over the top? Perhaps a card with so many images or messages that it was difficult to pinpoint exactly what it was about or what its message was? Maybe it had too many bells and whistles or little songs playing when it opened, something that your recipient may not particularly care for. While sending such a card as this is not always a bad idea, it is best to choose a greeting card that is suited to the person that you have in mind. To deliver the right message sometimes it is best to stick with cards that are simple and to the point.

As with any greeting card, take care to avoid sending anything that could be viewed as offensive or controversial. On New Years this shouldnt be much of a problem but it is always something to consider. If the card itself deviates from certain acceptable norms then it may prove to be controversial. Specifically, it is not uncommon for New Years cards to depict relevant political humor. You never know how sensitive the recipient may be to any given issue so it is best to avoid these altogether. There are plenty of great cards to choose from that do not deliver a potentially controversial message, so stick to these!

Finally, it is a common tradition for Americans to make a New Years resolution and many cards will promote this sentiment, however, be careful of what the card is suggesting. Many people who decide to make a New Years resolution will keep their idea to themselves. Choosing a card that suggests the recipient needs to lose weight, or needs to get their act together may be precisely what they dont need and could end up leaving a very sour taste in their mouth. This is not to say that all New Years resolution cards should be avoided, but try to stay away from anything that could be taken personally.

As you can see, New Year card etiquette is mostly common sense. Choose the appropriate greeting card and make your friends and loved ones smile!