New environment-friendly development trend of plastic wood floor – Plastic-wood flooring, industria

After two years of promotion, from Nanjing, Sun Yat-sen, Confucius Temple, Xuanwu Lake, Huangshan, Taiwan, Bali Bay National Scenic area, to the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo venues, and then to the United Kingdom, the United States, France and other European countries, can see to the application of WPC products become more common and extensive.

3 years ago, the WPC is a new Environmental protection Materials, and nobody knows. With the constant development of new environmental protection industry, people on the environmental protection requirements have become more sophisticated, WPC as a new environmentally friendly materials, Home improvement Increasingly vast field of application. Application to predict at this stage, WPC decoration in the future will replace the commonly used Solid Wood Flooring Become the focus of the development of one of the directions. What is plastic c

Timber Material? The so-called plastic wood, plastic, and the use of natural wood fibers, using a special process, such as extrusion, molding, molded products such as metal forming.

WPC is the main component of plastic and natural fibers. Compared with the traditional wood, WPC is the largest environmental contribution to the great advantage of saving environment conducive to the protection of wood, no paint to avoid pollution of the environment, recyclable after retirement does not produce secondary pollution. Plastic wood products has not painting, not afraid of the advantages of water in about 10 years after the end of the use of cycles can also be recycled.

It is understood that WPC is mainly used for outdoor landscape and of landscape, WPC useful life is 3-10 times that of ordinary wood.

Plastic-wood materials in the industry in the field of application 2010 World Expo in Shanghai in China is undoubtedly the most impressive museum, the shape of old hat, “Oriental Crown” was being red, with echoes, and is surrounded by a large mahogany-colored hall floor. The existing wood floor texture, but also the lines of wood, but in fact they are not made of wood flooring, but this new type of environmentally friendly material called plastic wood.

Know, WPC’s color adjustments can be based formula, the use of mahogany color solemn air, silhouetted against the style of the Chinese Pavilion.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic Park is also the procurement of thousands of tons of plastic wood products for the construction of plank and a chair. Each use a ton of plastic wood products, the equivalent of 60,000 discarded plastic bags, pollution, deforestation is equivalent to 1.5 30 years less age of the eucalyptus, with a profound sense of environmental protection.

Deputies proposed to develop environmentally friendly plastic wood industry National People’s Congress, East China Normal University, College of Resources and Environmental Science Professor Chen was horrified that the WPC Composite materials Is a specialized “digest” waste wood, green waste plastic materials. Although our country is plastic wood producing countries, but the existence of backward technology industry development, production spread, lagged behind the national standard, need to overcome these bottlenecks. Zhen-floor proposal, the state environmental protection as a priority to support the WPC Industry industry in R & D investment, administrative examination and approval, loan financing, sales tax revenue, products, and promote government procurement and other aspects of favorable policies and concessions the same time, strengthen the WPC product R & D efforts to support independent innovation, training to support key enterprises develop uniform national standards WPC industry, and promote universal WPC industry to the raw materials, equipment, specialized, high-end product-oriented direction. The development of new plastic wood material

current situation and prospects WPC New material There are many advantages, but in our daily lives, but seldom see this material, is what causes this condition? One is not enough to promote strength, another important reason is price.

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