Netgear touts new routers premium

We stopped at the Netgear booth at CES today, and found several new products and revamps to their line of routers that will satisfy most consumers.

Router WNDR3800
First is a new Router WNDR3800 is a dual-band gigabit router with wireless N contains an embedded USB controller makes sharing content on the wind. Instead of powering the computer, or find a computer that has actual content, the files can be stored in place rather than universal. Sharing a USB printer and remote access to files are also available new ReadyShare Remote. This router sells for $179 and will be until June of this year.
Other router WDN4000 that is similar to WND3800 in the fact that it is also a dual-band and Wireless-N can, however, 5GHz radio WND4000 supports three-stream N connections, which allow for 450 Mbps link speed. This router Retail $179.99 and will be available this quarter.

Netgear also showed his PTV2000 Push2TV HD cards, this is an upgrade from older PTV1000 released last year. As in the previous version, 2000 is only compatible with devices WIDI Intel, but in full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second. The device sells for $119.99 and will appear in this month.
One last thing, cool, what we saw was WN3000RP Universal Wireless Range Extender, which, you guessed it, increases the value of the signal in the N 2.4 GHz frequency. WN3000RP should extend coverage to cover two floors of indoor and outdoor areas of possible depending on the materials used in construction of houses.
Netgear has really stepped up their game, and it looks like a functional building routers, which should satisfy most requirements for the average consumer.

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