My Raves About Rag Rugs Their Usefulness At Home

Rag rugs are usually home made using rags that are woven so that they create an elongated rug of multi colors. You can purchase rag rugs today for a lot cheaper than you can make them although some people still make their own rag rugs. You can use rag rugs in many ways in your kitchen. They are ideal for use in the kitchen as well as the bathroom because they can be tossed into the washing machine without any type of trouble.

Rag Rugs Under the Sink

This kind is ideal in a high-traffic area like the kitchen because they are easy to wash and dry. They serve as great floor covering against the busy activities in the kitchen where stains, grease and spills are usual visitors. A rag rug can also provide comfort for your tired feet while you’re preparing the meals or washing the dishes. In addition, wiping off wet stains on the floor couldn’t be easier with rag rugs on hand.

Pet Dish Guard

If you have a pet, chances are that you have pet dishes in the kitchen. If this is the case, often the pet will spill some of their food or water when eating and drinking. One way to eliminate this problem is to use rag rugs under the pet supplies so that they can easily be cleaned up and the floor protected. Animals cannot be taught to eat neatly, so it is best to accommodate them with some form of cheap protection under their pet station.

Furniture Pad

Using an area rug for the dining table and chairs is a good way to spice up the dining room. Same goes for placing an area rug under the sofa set. Rag rugs for this purpose should be bigger to accommodate all the furniture. Take measurements of the area before buying a piece to make sure you get a rug with the correct size. It should fit well with the set.

Rag Rugs in Front of the Patio Door

If you have a patio door in your kitchen, you will want to use rag rugs in front of your patio door so that people can wipe their feet when they come in and not track dirt or mud on the floor. This is especially handy if you have pets that come in and out of this door. You can wipe the paws of the pet while they stand on the rug before they enter your home. You can also toss it in the washer when it gets dirty. Rag rugs are ideal when it comes to entrance ways for the kitchen, especially when they lead outside and you have children or pets.

Rag rugs are widely available in stores. Some people even make their own rag rugs. They are durable pieces and are worth every penny. You will have a home decor and a cleaning aid in one rug at the same time.