Modern Coffee Tables – Symphonies In Glass

Coffee tables no longer remain a simple low-slung four-legged affair standing docilely before the sofa for completely utilitarian purposes. As a matter of fact, the artistry that has revolutionized contemporary home furniture has perhaps had the most leeway when designing modern coffee tables.
When you really consider it, the humble coffee table has been the center of most living room arrangements in the most literal terms. It stands to reason that this central piece of furniture receives the attention it deserves and is transformed into something magical – a conversation opener at the very least. modern coffee tables need no longer be low-slung or four-legged or indeed conform to any form or dimension at all. Apart from the traditional tables made of wood, coffee tables are now fabricated entirely of glass legs and all to create breathtaking pieces of furniture, each one a masterpiece.

Imagine an eye-catching geometric patterned carpet in the living room, with the couch and arm chairs, a magazine rack and two potted plants surrounding it. The coffee table in the center has pride of place. It is a fantastic piece of furniture fabricated of 1 inch thick aquamarine tinted glass, fading into milky white and then transparent at the edges. The flat, rectangular top surface drops like a waterfall to form a side which touches the floor, rises again to the height of the table top, and again flows down to meet the floor in a gracious curve. The other edge of the table top is machine beveled and supported on one glistening tubular steel leg. It is like having a painting in the center of the living room. Two silver candle stands, one taller than the other, holding pearly white tapers stand on the table beside a couple of glossy magazines.

Glass is perhaps the most popular medium for modern coffee tables, as it lends itself to being molded into the most imaginative shapes. The creations not only fit effortlessly into their surroundings but enhance the whole living room arrangement into something quite brilliant.

Imagine yet another modern coffee table – a 2 inch thick, beautifully beveled glass disc, a little over three feet in diameter, and standing on a multi-layered steel replica of a futuristic Star of David. The play of delicately interwoven steel winding its way intricately from floor level to below the glass top about 20 inches above the carpet. The table makes its own style statement and needs no embellishment, while providing the user a stable, no fuss surface for regular use.

Another unique style in modern coffee tables fabricated in glass could be a nest of triangular shaped tables in translucent smoky glass with faint hints of mother-of-pearl. The surface of the tallest of the three tables stands two feet off the carpet, with the others being six inches shorter than the one above. The wide corners of the tables, taper in graceful slopes to the floor to offer support, and end in a scrolled curve on the carpet. It is certainly an eye-catching piece of work along with being extremely practical for the purpose it was built to serve.