Make Your Home Decor Eco Friendly With Bamboo Area Rugs

What goes through your mind when you hear of bamboo rugs? Aching feet, slivers, uncomfortable walking, cheap looking, unattractive stuff on the floor? Think again! There are dozens of reasons why bamboo rugs are the most perfect decorating feature you can place in your home or business.
Bamboo rugs are available in countless styles, shapes, colors and sizes to fit any room, or area. They are ideal for the bathroom as they keep your feet up off the floor, or in the hall way or other heavy traffic areas. Bamboo rugs are durable. Our bamboo rugs have felt backing to prevent wear and slipping. They are easy to clean, which makes them perfect for the kitchen. In addition, bamboo has natural fire repellant characteristics.
p>Elegant Bamboo Rugs
Bamboo rugs come in colors extending from blue, green, and red to the earthy colors of natural, brown, and black. Because bamboo rugs are made in nature, they show attractive, natural variations in color, texture and appearance.
Asian countries, well known for their exquisite tea houses and beautiful homes, have long used bamboo for flooring. The natural beauty of bamboo rugs adorns homes and businesses around the world with an earth-friendly quality unmatched in their distinctive strength, extraordinary durability and graceful composition.
Any type of decor will be enhanced with a bamboo rug, especially oriental or a natural setting in the sunny states, or the hot, steamy ones. Bamboo rugs offer a uniqueness that no other rug can compare to. The rugs give a natural glow to a room while the earthy tones are easy on the eyes and satisfy the need to go green.
Bamboo Story
Bamboo of a thousand species is found from the southeast US to East Asia. It can be harvested nearly two years after planting then regrows quickly while requiring only negligible natural resources. This makes it one of the earths most sustainable products. Some varieties of bamboo grows three or 4 feet per day reaching nearly one hundred feet high. Bamboo is also one of the earths strongest building materials because of its light weight and durability.
Bamboo is used in weapons, furniture, musical instruments and countless other products. It is also used in food and as a medicine. Symbolically, bamboo means different things to different cultures. Because it is harvested and the host plant keeps putting up new growth, a constant abundant supply handles demand. In China, it is a symbol of longevity in India, friendship and in Japan to ward off evil spirits. Bamboo is not killed out like forests are. This is good for the Panda Bears considering it is their natural food source.
We can appreciate the uses of bamboo and especially for the beautiful, durable rugs that add such grace and warmth to our homes.