Look For These 6 Things In Your First Sewing Machine

When shopping for a sewing machine, all of the different options out there can feel overwhelming. As a beginner, here are 6 items you should make sure your new sewing machine has:


You should only buy a sewing machine that has a warranty. A quality company will back up their products. Ideally, you want to purchase a sewing machine that has at least a 20 to 25 year warranty.

Auto Needle Threading

Auto needle threading is one of the best features your sewing machine can have. This feature will help you thread your needles correctly and save you lots of time and effort. It is a simple feature that all sewing machines must have.

Built In Stitches

As you advance with your sewing career, you will discover that you need to make different stitches for different types of material. You want to purchase a sewing machine that has more than a few different auto stitch options. A great sewing machine will offer you 20 different stitch options, but an exceptional machine will offer you up to 60 stitch options.

Buttonhole Styles

Did you know that you can use your sewing machine to attach buttons? It takes special skills to attach a button to a garment. If your machine comes with preset buttonhole style options, you will be able to easily attach buttons to all of your clothing. Try to find a machine that offers five to seven different button options.

Carrying Case

When your machine is not in use, you will want to safely store it. This is more easily achieved when your sewing machine comes with its own custom hard shell storage case.

Great Instruction Manual

Even if your machine has all the bells and whistles, as a beginner, you may not know how to use them. This is where an instructional manual comes into play. Make sure that your sewing machine has a detailed manual that will explain all of the different functions of your new machine.

One sewing machine that has all of these features is the Brother cs6000i sewing machine. It has all the features you need and more to start your sewing career. It is also a very affordable way to start sewing today.