Loaded With Junk? Call Residential Junk Removal Services to Help

A home can become overloaded with junk if it’s not kept after. You buy a new stove and put the old one out on the porch, “just for a few days,” and then you get a new computer and put the old computer in the closet, “just for a few days.” Pretty soon, there’s a washer, dryer, an old refrigerator turned backwards, all on the porch that were supposed to be there for just a few days. Fall is on the way and it’s time to look into some companies who specialize in affordable residential junk removal services in your area.

Get on the website and find out all the junk they’ll take and get your porch cleaned off, along with all the junk in the yard. Many of them take old appliances, dressers and shelving units, playground equipment and bunk beds. They’ll take everything out of the attic including books, along with tractors out of the garage, old dilapidated sheds, old drywall, deck furniture, refrigerators and freezers and so much more. If you have something else, just call them and see if it’s an item they’ll take.

Keep in mind that many things can’t be taken by these services because they’re known as hazardous wastes and materials. These include paints, medical wastes, flammable products, and any sort of gas and propane cylinders. There’s also a charge on some items, for instance, $25 for a freezer or air conditioning unit because a licensed individual must remove the Freon properly. Depending on the size of tires, the price could be from $5 to $10, and a core charge of $5 for batteries.These items are environmentally unsafe to leave in a land fill because they have chemicals inside that leech into landfills.

Deal with a company that cares about the Earth. When they refuse to take something, it’s for a very important reason. They advise customers ‘where’ they can take these dangerous and flammable materials. Whether you’re a business, own a residence, an apartment dweller or you renovate homes, call a company that’s very fair with their customers. In fact, if you have a close friend who needs to have a sink removed from their porch the same day your junk is being removed, both of you will receive a discount off your total bill when the company arrives to pick it up.