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When To Do Air Conditioning Repair And Replacement

Having your air conditioning to work efficiently throughout summer months are so important. If you have your AC unit serviced throughout the season, then you could catch major problems before they make your unit to breakdown. It may be simpler to just replace the unit with air conditioning repair problems. But in this case, many people are actually puzzled when they have to do system replacement or repair.

For units that are less than a decade, air conditioning repair is quite common. Obtaining parts are easy for systems that are recently released. What is meant by this is, they’ll cost less than trying to look for parts of a dated unit. Not only that, your AC technician is more familiar with the type of technology that are installed in the system already.

It is a lot cheaper to fix the issue than buying a new one. On average, you are going to spend 4,000 dollars just to replace the unit. Repairing the unit otherwise will only cost you an average of 300 to 600 dollars, which is huge savings than buying a new one. You can make use of the unit’s age, multiplied by the repair cost to be able to determine if it’s best to replace it or to call a technician to do repairs for your air conditioning unit.

Say for example that the total cost of repairs is way more than 5000 dollars, then it will be ideal to consider replacing your system. To give you an example, if your unit is just 10 years old and the cost of repair is 300 dollars, then it is better to have the system repaired than buying a new one.

Obviously, air conditioning repairs work given the fact that the unit stays fixed for a certain period. Because the unit is not working right anymore, you don’t like to continually replace the same parts of the system. It is wise to replace it in case that you’re using the 5000 dollar rule and determine the maintenance cost multiplied by the unit’s age is more than 5000 dollars.

Aside from that, learning what your unit use as refrigerant can additionally help you to determine if you must replace the system. Older units are utilizing chlorofluorocarbon, which is harmful to the environment. Unlike models that are manufactured after 2010, it is using a different type of refrigerant that’s not harmful to ozone.

Apart from that, older air conditioning units aren’t as energy efficient as modern units as they are using 30 percent more electricity, making it ideal to replace the current system you have.