Learning About the Surrounding Area When Considering Solivita Poinciana Real Estate

Retirees looking to move to a planned senior community in Florida will also want to know about the surrounding area, since they won’t spend all their time within the gated neighborhood. For instance, when considering Solivita Poinciana real estate, they’ll probably want to know about the demographics of Poinciana. For example, they may be interested in knowing the level of diversity in this particular area, which is known as a census-designated place, or CDP.

Poinciana has a population of about 53,000, and it’s one of the fastest-growing regions in the state. New residents can look forward to the CDP being a diverse place with around half the population being Hispanic, one-quarter black, and about 21 percent white. This does not indicate the demographics of Solivita, but it gives prospective real estate buyers an idea of the multicultural population they can mingle with when they’re out and about in Poinciana.

Retirees shopping for real estate in Solivita also may be interested in information about nearby Kissimmee, with a population of about 65,000. The majority of the population there is Hispanic, at about 64 percent. White individuals make up around 23 percent, black persons about 9 percent and Asian individuals about 3 percent. People moving to the area will find a wide variety of restaurants and cultural events reflecting the different backgrounds of the population.

Anyone who wants to get a true sense of the planned community and the nearby areas can accept the standing invitation to spend some time at Solivita, staying in a furnished guest house. Retirees also might want to spend a week or longer staying at a hotel in Kissimmee or Poinciana, getting a feel for the amenities not only at the senior community but throughout the nearby region. They can gauge how far a drive it is from the community to grocery stores and other shops. They also might like to learn how long it takes to get to places of particular interest to them, such as the area conservation sites, museums and the wide variety of tourist attractions. It may even be a good idea to come during a couple of different seasons to experience what the weather is like.