Learn Unique Tips for Training Your Dog

Properly training a dog is harder than it may seem. All too often, well-meaning pet owners end up rewarding bad behaviors or not taking the time to explicitly teach the desired ones. This results in problem dogs that seem like they can’t be helped. Fortunately, even older dogs can indeed learn new behavior patterns. They are actually very adaptable and will soon learn a new thing if doing so involves praise and a treat.

This is just one of the tips provided by Doggy Dog Town, a site dedicated to teaching dog owners how to train their animals. With tips like this, any dog can be brought up to be a great companion and even taught to do tricks. It offers plenty of information about training puppies, but it also has a free report on how to get rid of bad behaviors in dogs of all ages. The site also gives breed-specific ideas that help owners adapt to the unique traits of different strains of dogs.

Some of the breeds covered in the breed-specific sections include pit bulls, dobermans, Labrador retrievers, collies, and huskies. All of these breeds can be great companion animals if they are properly raised. One example of a behavior that needs to be discouraged in large breeds is jumping up on people. A large pit bull can easily knock a weak person down by simple playful jumping, and even a strong one will often be knocked back a step if he doesn’t expect to have to counter the force. Therefore, the site gives plenty of tips for stopping jumping in pits and other large breeds.

Another example of a breed-specific tip is for border collies. These high-energy dogs need plenty of physical and mental stimulation in order to avoid boredom. Since bored border collies tend to amuse themselves by chewing things up, it’s definitely in your best interest to keep them occupied with something else! However, after a training session or other stimulating activity is complete, it’s a good idea to let them calm down in a crate or quiet room. This reinforces your control over a pup and helps to keep him from being destructive with his leftover energy.

Unique tips like this can make the difference between success and frustration when training a dog. Check out more of them to pick up some pointers for your own dog.