Laying Reclaimed Wood Flooring In Your Home

Having reclaimed wood flooring adds something special to your home, bringing authenticity to an older home renovation, or instant ambience with a rich patina for new construction. There are also a number of advantages to having a wood floor, beyond the conservation aspects of using reclaimed boards when laying the floor. For those who are seeking authentic reclaimed wood flooring, there are some really great products on the market today.
About reclaimed wood flooring
Reclaimed floors are simply floors made with repurposed wood. When an older home is being restored or refurbished, wood floors that are in keeping with the historicity of the structure are generally seen as more desirable than a modern floor which may take away from the character of the home. If you have an older home, you may also want to do any reno-work to the home in such a way that your work is in keeping with the character and period of the home. In this instance, the use of reclaimed wood is a good option to achieve an authentic finish.
The benefits of a wood floor
Wood floors are a good option if you require something which is durable and which adds to the appeal of your home. A wood floor can be easier to keep clean than carpets, as it is finished with a durable coating which protects the wood from stains and spills that would typically ruin carpet flooring. When choosing wood there are different types of wood, with hardwood being the most beautiful and wear-resistant. The downside of this is that it is more expensive, while pine flooring although slightly less hard is often less expensive. Ultimately, when choosing a type of reclaimed wood for your home, the type of wood already in your home may influence what type of wood you choose. The one surprising trend is the emergence of engineered reclaimed flooring.This involves a process where a thick layer of actual reclaimed wood flooring is bonded to multi-ply wood sheet.This greatly reduces the cost of the reclaimed wood flooring, and also results in a greater yield of the antique flooring.
Where to find materials for reclaimed flooring
There are a number of sources for reclaimed floor materials. If you are going to arrange to have the floors laid, but find the materials yourself, then you may want to look for materials being sold from schools, churches and other larger, old buildings that are undergoing refurbishment. The advantage of finding materials from larger buildings is that there may be more longer lengths of wood which can be cut to fit. However, it may be nearly impossible to find a company willing to mill the flooring for you as all reclaimed wood has to be hand inspected to remove metal from it.the old nails etc will cause major damage to the milling equipment.Alternatively, you may find it simpler to speak with a company that specializes in reclaimed wood flooring. You may also find that if you discuss the option of using recycled materials that are in keeping with your home, the company laying the floor may also be able to source the materials for your home improvement project.
With a bit of planning, it is possible to find the materials you need to ensure you have an attractive and authentic wooden floor. The sourcing of materials to achieve the look you desire is often much simpler than you may imagine. Finding a professional who is familiar with laying reclaimed wood flooring may also help you when it comes to acquiring the materials to carry out home renovations and improvements.