Kitchen Novelty Rugs For Your Home

Kitchen novelty rugs are more than just something that will absorb spills off the floor. They are a bold style statement that will add panache and zing to your existing, unexciting kitchen area. They are capable of turning a dull and dowdy room into an exciting and awe-inspiring one. It is all in the style you adopt. The choices are so many that you would have to have very strong self-control not to buy them all. Available in an array of shapes, prints, patterns, designs and qualities, they range from very low priced to extremely expensive ones. The fabrics are wool, cotton, silk, chenille or leather. Of course, while picking a kitchen novelty rug, you would have to keep the material such that it can be washed easily, is stain-resistant and durable.

Specially designed for the kitchen are kitchen novelty rugs patterned in vegetable collages, fruit medleys, even salt and pepper celler motifs. They come in a myriad variety of colors and hues and so you can pick one that matches your decor. You could also buy any one that appeals to you and try and fit it into your neutral interiors. Since these rugs are so affordable, you can get a new one when you get fed up or bored of the one you have! You could also change them with the changing seasons!

Apart from motifs, kitchen novelty rugs also come in interesting shapes. You could have a nice big strawberry or melon sitting in your kitchen sprucing it up. If you prefer more of a vintage theme, you could probably get a rug depicting a wine bottle complete with label and cork! If you are a movie enthusiast, you would probably find the ‘movie posters collage’ type of kitchen novelty rug irresistible and if you are a sports fan, then not only can you get a rug with a suitable pattern but can also find a football shaped rug! If you entertain in your eat-in kitchen, these rugs serve as an attention-grabbing conversation piece too! That is beauty with purpose.

There is another out of the ordinary thing you could do with your kitchen novelty rug and that is to take it to the wall! Yes, they make good wall hangings too! You can pick up a rug, which has hooks on the end, and hang them with these. The walls will perk up with such innovative use of kitchen novelty rugs. Novelty rugs are just as the name suggests- novel.

Well, you have now decided on the rug, purchased it and even spread it out but the secret of keeping the kitchen novelty rug looking good as new is to maintain it with care. Though they are machine washable most of the times, it may be a good idea to hand-wash them separately the first few times. This way you can determine if the colors are fast and there is no fear of other clothes in the machine becoming discolored! When using them on the floor, ideally, the rugs should have some sort of a rug pad which will extend the life of the rug and provide an anti-slipping protection too.