Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

The Kenmore vacuum cleaner was constructed to suck in the dirt from the surface. The different models of vacuums include those that can clean floors and carpets. Also, some of the Kenmore vacuums have been constructed to pick up wet-spills and larger messes. They also have brushes and other attachments for the performance of additional tasks. The Kenmore vacuum cleaner is made to suit the various different kinds of environments in which it can be used, be a personal home or a professional office. The cleaner ensures that the area stays clean and free from grime.

History of Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore made its first appearance as a laundry appliance for Sears in 1927. However, by the end of the 1920s the Kenmore appliances of Sears existed in every household. The first vacuum cleaner appeared under the name Commander for 1932 and was sold for $29.95. The vacuum was in an upright shape and was used to removing dust from rugs and carpets. Today, in the 21st century, Kenmore vacuums include all kinds of cleaners ranging from canisters to upright cleaners.

Features of Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

There are certain features that make the Kenmore vacuum cleaner a good buy. The first is the lack of a belt on the upright cleaners which allows for cleaning surfaces without the constant change of the belth. There is also a special grip for the stairs which makes the different levels of the stairs easy to clean. The Kenmore vacuum cleaner also has an infrared light to detect and clean dirt. The vacuum cleans quietly, making the chore less aggravating. The brushes are numerous and can be used for different purposes. Also, the Kenmore vacuum cleaner uses gentle brushing to remove the dirt without harming the surface.

Advantages of Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner

The Kenmore vacuum cleaner is constructed for all kinds of surfaces. It can clean carpets, rugs, bare floors made of tiles and wood, it also includes linoleum and vinyl flooring. This is coupled with a cleaner and buffer for the hard floors. It is easy to change the brushes for the different vacuums which can attach the pads needed to clean the surface. The strong motor cleanses floors effectively and the dust bags are large enough to capture large amounts of dust. The shampoo brushes that come with a certain kind of the Kenmore vacuum cleaner can remove stains, also, the pace allows for large areas to be cleaned with considerable ease