Jazzed Up Flooring in New Orleans

Jazz captures the best of New Orleans and carpet does the same for vinyl. Together carpet and vinyl have a rich mix of textures, designs and colors that will give you dynamic options for flooring. New Orleans also allows you the vibrant freedom you need to explore the possibilities of diverting from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

When it comes to purchasing carpet do your homework and know the differences in the fibers that it is made from.

Nylon carpeting, New Orleans most popular carpet is as soft as any fiber and brings with it a high stain resistance which is appealing to many young families with children. Nylon Tactesse is a more robust type of nylon with a more dense fiber that offers a longer retention of texture and general wear ability. It cost more than regular nylon carpeting. Over seventy percent of carpet is made from nylon.

Wool is a natural fiber and more expensive than other carpeting. New Orleans homeowners know that wool is the softest and most durable carpet you can get but it’s very expensive and is the least resistant when it comes to staining. Wool absorbs liquid like a sponge. The most popular wool carpet today is Berber. Large thick looped Berber is the softest of the Berber carpets.

Olefin is a commercial grade carpet that is extremely durable, resistant to traffic but has a rough texture for being carpet. There are companies producing an enhanced Olefin carpet that is much softer to the touch.

Caring for any carpet requires little more than vacuuming regularly to remove excessive debris and cleaning up spills as soon as possible. Professionally clean your carpet periodically will help capitalize on the lifespan of your floor covering.

The only concern with any carpeting is that it is not resistant to water and moisture and traps dirt that can affect people with allergies or breathing concerns. Nevertheless, you will not find a more superior floor covering than the delectableness of carpeting. New Orleans residents swear by the wear ability and continued comfort wool carpet continues to provide.

Vinyl flooring, New Orleans residents have discovered, is a fresh and innovative way of evoking new life into your home and it is also a dependable and time tested product that has proven worthy. Vinyl is a sturdy material that can stand the test of time and still hold its beauty.

For a consistently rejuvenated appeal try mixing your choices of flooring. New Orleans residents are well acquainted with the implication of the unpredictable, ever-changing environment and the concerns it presents to their floor coverings.

With the wide variety of colors, styles and textures available today vinyl and carpet mixed can be striking in appearance, uncomplicated to install, and absorbs sound superbly, and both are extremely practical choices for flooring. New Orleans is one place that requires its floor choices to be resilient.

When looking for a peace of mind, added safety and simple maintenance, for more water prone areas like bathrooms, mud rooms and kitchens a solid choice is always vinyl flooring. New Orleans homeowners have found it to be reasonable priced and saves you money in the long run by providing warmth and keeping its charm for years.

So when it’s time to purchase new flooring for your home, don’t limit yourself to only one choice. Take advantage of both carpet and vinyl flooring. New Orleans homeowners have and they are happier for doing it.

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