Is There a Fence Containment System Better Than Invisible Fence?

When it comes to keeping dogs at home many people opt for alternative fencing options such as hidden fencing, underground fencing, or wireless boundary systems which are perfect for providing a containment system without obstruction your view. A system of wires is buried just under the soil’s surface creating a “fenced in” area. The wires transmit a radio signal which is detected by a
special collar worn by the dog. As the dog nears the designated boundary line, the collar will first emit an audible warning, followed by a low-intensity electric shock should the dog choose to ignore the warning sound.

A brand that stands out as better than Invisible Fence is DogWatch for several reasons outlined below:

  • Technology – Every major brand of inground fencing systems use AM radio frequencies. With AM there is a possibility that the collar can experience interference from household devices also operating on AM frequencies, causing random corrections from stray signals. Using an FM frequency that is digitized, is safer and the continuous signal is far less likely to be compromised.
  • Unique Features – Should the dog test the boundary line of the system, a memory feature records the infraction and tells on the dog to the owner and increases the correction level by one level for a 24-hour period. Whether your dog enters the correction zone slow or fast, the collars correction speed is the fastest available – reacting in 1/8 of a second. It also offers the option of an audible correction only when in the warning zone.
  • Battery Life & Warranty – Batteries can be purchased anywhere, not just from the manufacturer. With a lifespan of two years, they are the longest-lasting batteries of any fence containment system. There is a lifetime warranty on equipment for dealer-installed systems only.
  • Customer Service – The dealers are independent contractors, installers, and will provide assistance and instruction for the proper use of the system. Their customer service is top-notch and providing continuing support for the lifetime of the product is a top priority.

A hidden fence system is easily customized and less expensive than traditional fencing options. Suitable for dogs as small as 3 pounds, with variable levels of corrections, dogs quickly learn the boundary lines and for some, the audible warning signal is enough to convince them not to enter the correction zone.