Is It Time to Replace Your Old Sofa?

A sofa is one of the most-used pieces of furniture in a home. When this piece of furniture begins to wear out, a person needs to know the signs so they will be ready to make their new purchase. With this information, individuals will know what signs to look for so they can be proactive and choose a new sofa from Sofamania.

Signs It Is Time For a New Sofa

Once a person falls in love with their sofa, it is almost like it becomes a part of the family. Many memories are made on a family living room sofa and giving one up can be hard. The following are some of the signs individuals can look for so they will know it is time for them to ditch their old sofa and purchase a new one.

  • When the springs begin to wear out, this causes the cushions to begin to sink. With no support, sitting on an old sofa can become painful. Once severe spring damage has occurred, the springs can begin to poke through the cushions and cause painful injuries.
  • If a person sits down on their old sofa and begins to hear creaking or popping sounds, it is time for them to consider making a new purchase. These sounds are often caused by the hardware and frame becoming damaged.
  • Over time, the cushions of a sofa will become flatter and flatter and they will no longer offer the support and comfort they once did. If the cushions of a sofa have become too thin, individuals need to begin their search for a new sofa.
  • Old sofas can sometimes develop overwhelming odors, especially if pets are involved. When an individual has done everything they can think of to be rid of the odors and nothing is working, it may be time to ditch the sofa.

Find the Perfect Sofa Today

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