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Ways of Ensuring You Have Safe Water Water is an essential component of the human body. It should, therefore, be taken in large quantities. Water should however first be made safe for drinking. Drinking dirty water leads to various complications. Such can be diseases that might affect the body adversely. Purification of water is necessary for preventing this. People should learn the various ways of purifying water. One of the ways is chlorination. This is whereby chlorine is used to purify water. Its role is to kill germs. It also causes minerals in water to coagulate. After chlorination, filtration is necessary to remove the particles that settle at the bottom. The amount of chlorine used depends on the amount of water being treated and outbreak of waterborne diseases. Chlorine should be used appropriately. This reduces the spread of waterborne diseases. Another sure way of water treatment is boiling. Water is placed on heat and allowed to reach its boiling point. This helps in killing all germs. The material in which water is being boiled should be able to withstand the high temperatures. The material should also not react with water. A clean container should be used to allow the boiled water to cool. It should also be covered. This will prevent water from acquiring germs again. Boiling also removes some minerals from water.
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A number of practices is used to treat water in water treatment plants. First, the water is allowed to settle for a while. This kills microorganisms in water. The top of the container in which water is suspended is always covered. It is impossible for microorganisms to survive in stagnant water. The water is left for three days. Filteration is then done to remove the sediments. A number of sieves are used to remove sediments. A the combination of chemicals is used to make the water safe for drinking as it is required by many people.
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Water treatment is essential in preventing the spread of waterborne diseases. It also remove minerals that are harmful from water. These minerals if left in water can destroy the teeth and bones. Presence of fluoride in water discolors teeth. Other minerals cause bones to dissolve leading to paralysis of some body parts. To prevent such occurrences; people should ensure that they consume clean water. In areas whereby clean water is not easily available, people should buy mineral water from licensed companies. They can also get water delivered to them from clean water companies. Purified water is essential for the survival of human beings. Though water is life, cleanliness of the water is mandatory. People should always make it an obligation and task upon themselves to find clean water.