Installing Patio Doors is not for Novices

Installing patio doors is a skill, and if it isn’t done correctly, a host of problems can ensue. Your patio doors see a lot of use, especially in the warmer months, but they have an important job to do in the colder months as well, and you want to be sure your patio doors are up to the task.

Doors That Won’t Slide

Sliding glass patio doors are popular, and correct installation is critical. Oftentimes the doors slide open and closed easily enough for a period of time, then become sluggish in their tracks, forcing you to use your shoulder to slide them rather than your fingertips. If you have had your somekeyword for a long time and only recently have they become difficult to move, the culprit may merely be built-up dirt. Get down and look into the track to see if you see anything. Sometimes vacuuming is all it takes, but a good scrubbing might eventually be necessary. Cleaning moving parts is important, but so is keeping them lubricated, so once your tracks are clean, be sure to use an approved lubricant to keep them sliding smoothly. Some people use WD40, but others believe it attracts more dust.

Adjust the Rollers

If cleaning and lubricating aren’t enough to get your door back on track, an adjustment to the rollers might be necessary. If the rollers were not properly set upon installation, the door may never have glided as smoothly as they should have. If you’re a big DIYer, you might tackle this job yourself. The roller adjustment is usually on the bottom or top of the door, sometimes underneath a plastic cap. Turning the screw inside raises or lowers the door. Try turning yours a bit in either direction and see if it helps.

Energy Loss

Another problem that can arise with improperly installed patio doors is air leak. This is more easily felt in the winter months when you get an icy draft on your feet when you walk by. You may also notice condensation in this area. It’s important to use silicone caulking before installing the interlock and weatherstripping features so that all air is kept out. If this step is skipped, or if the door is not squarely set, you could end up paying to heat your patio.

Security Risk

Many sliding glass doors come with lifetime warranties, but these are voided if the installation was flawed. If your door rattles or squeaks, or if the lock doesn’t catch or is hard to set, your doors may be misaligned or not framed correctly. This can be a problem of safety as well, since your home’s security could be compromised if the locks don’t work properly or if the doors don’t fit snugly, making it possible for a would-be burglar to lift them off their tracks to gain entry into your home.

All of these situations can be avoided by using a reputable professional to install your patio doors. Make sure the company you choose has been in business for a number of years and check to make sure its customers are satisfied. It is not uncommon to hear of companies sending out inexperienced workers who install sliding glass doors backwards! Use a company you can trust to install your patio doors.