Information About The NSS Galaxy DS Floor Machine

A good floor machine and should be constructed of quality materials and have plenty of power. A floor machine is used for two simple tasks. The first main purpose of a floor scrubber is to scrub a floor, breaking up any debris on soiled areas. The second major task of a floor machine is to strip old floor finish or wax from a floor so that it may be recoated with new floor finish to bring it back to its original condition. The NSS galaxy DS floor machine goes far beyond this. It’s dual speed system allows the user to not only clean floors but to polish floors in turn performing the same task as a burnisher. Some floor machines can be difficult to use and hard to control, when the brush is spinning at over 180 RPMs the machine can easily get out of control. The galaxy DS floor machine combats this with an ergonomic handle that is easy to hold onto and control.

The main components of a floor machine are the motor and handle-base assembly. A good floor scrubber motor should be at least 1 hp and built with quality materials. On most floor machines the motor is direct drive and is attached directly to the pad driver which is attached to a floor pad. In a direct drive situation like this the motor has to be extremely powerful. If the motor is underpowered it can wear out and malfunction prematurely. The galaxy DS floor machine features a 1.5 hp motor that has more than enough power for this machine. For more protection the electrical system includes a 15 amp circuit breaker that will blow in case the motor overheats or become stuck. The handle base assembly on the DS is made of steel and coated with a chrome layer to protect it from cleaning chemicals such as harsh floor strippers. The handle can be easily adjusted to suit any user’s height making the machine more controllable. Two dead man lever switches are used to turn the machine on and off, if the user looses control of the machine the machine will automatically turn off safely. Most floor scrubbers come with at least a 30 foot cord so that it has more range before is unplugged and moved to different outlet. The NSS model comes with a 50 foot cord which is ample enough to complete any floor cleaning or stripping task.

As with most NSS machines if there is any premature failure of any part it can be easily replaced in under an hour. This is important for commercial cleaners and contractors because it limits down time and allows the worker to perform the task at hand. NSS parts are truly inexpensive and made from durable materials in Germany. These parts can be found at any local dealer or online NSS store.

In summation the NSS galaxy DS floor scrubber by NSS towers over its competitors by using quality components, innovative design and an unheard of three year warranty. Commercial cleaners can scrub up to 2700 square feet per hour with this machine making it extremely cost efficient. The dual speed feature also allows users to polish up to 7000 square feet per hour with the same unit. If you were to buy a burnisher and floor machine it would cost you twice as much as the current retail price of the DS.