Improving a Person’s Appearance With the Right Hairstyle

One of the most valued services from hair salons in Framingham is the ability of the stylist to create an illusion of perfection. For example, an oval face is typically considered the most attractive shape, but many people have a face that has more of a long or square shape. The right hairstyles can make a face appear to be oval and enhance this person’s attractiveness.

A person with a face that is noticeably oblong benefits from bangs, as does someone with an unusually high forehead. If this person doesn’t like bangs, she might consider wearing her hair in a style that brings the illusion of widening her face, especially around the eyes. A fuller hairstyle with layers around and just below the eyes is a good option. Curls and wide waves also add fullness. Just about any length works well if the right style is in place. Long and shoulder-length hair looks great, as does a chin-length bob. Spiky hair or pixie cuts, however, tend to make a face look even longer, and so does parting straight hair in the middle with no bangs.

For the square face, a stylist will encourage the person to go with a shoulder-length or shorter hairstyle. Layers and waves around the face round the square-like edges. An angled bob is nice, with the hair longer in front and tapering to a shorter length in back. If someone truly wants to have a longer style, layers that aren’t symmetrical and that are worn toward the face on one side and away on the other side detract from the square effect.

No matter what facial shape a client has, a stylist has the talent and expertise to create a fabulous hairstyle that brings out the best features. Sometimes a person may be unhappy because her eyes are relatively small; the stylist can add layers at eye level that widen the face there and make the eyes look bigger. Certain hairstyles can make a large nose look smaller as well. Anyone who would like to try a new style and see how the change can improve her appearance can have this done at a salon such as the Hair & Grace Salon.