Important Tips In Buying A Home

Buying a home was tricky. Especially your first time buying a house. Not to mention the payment method you choose will also affect the process will pass.

 Your new family or you are planning to buy a first home? Do not dismiss a case under this so as not to regret later on. Also, your transaction process can proceed smoothly in The following practical tips for those who want to buy a first home :

  1. Saving and Saving Again

If you’ve been on this stage, we think you’ve been very good at saving money. You already know how enough for a down payment, but there are some other things why you should have a little more money. These savings will help you to cover unexpected expenses when interest rates rise and increase the cost of your mortgage. As a guide when calculating your budget, do not commit more than 30% of your income to the cost of the house. Then, do not forget to check whether the total price you ask is included with the tax, so you are not surprised when paying.

  1. Prepare For Inspection

Bring along a digital camera for inspection and make a note of the property when you check out. Rate for each property that is seen with a scale of 1 to 10, by taking into account the location, your budget, and if necessary renovation or repair. Most likely you will see several homes in a few weekends, and this is a simple way to show the properties which belong in the calculation. After the inspection, do not forget to check the legal status of the house. Ask about the house deeds or building permit to avoid fraud

  1. Get Approval Housing Loan

One of the best ways that you remain in the financial limits is to get a home loan approval. This shows real estate agents and vendors if you are serious to buy. It also gives you more bargaining power and prevent the failure of approval for financial reasons when you start to negotiate on the property.

  1. Pay More For An Expert Opinion.

If the tight financial situation, you’d be tempted to forget this stage. We very much understand the logic – you’ve been spending a lot of money to buy the property dream – why should you spend money again if it is not necessary? But, for the future, and hire a lawyer to check the validity of the home sertificate can save time and money, as well as save you from a fraudulent certificate double.

  1. Check The List Same Type House Prices In The Area.

Do not immediately decided to take the first property you see. First review the selection of what is on the market about the location you want, even if it is just a simple online search to make sure you get the best price. The final decision can be based on knowledge of the local property market.

  1. Choose Location

Location is the most important factor when we bought the house. It is natural in the real estate person familiar with the term, location, location and location. Not only the first home buyers, everyone will see the location as the main thing in buying a home. Location relating to access to transport, availability of public facilities, secure or absence of the danger of flooding and so on.

  1. Price

You need to plan in advance, what price would you buy a house? So you are more focused on the housing offer price as you want. Thus you can save your time for other activities.

  1. Track Record Developer

Before deciding to buy a new home, it’s good to check out who the developer. How is the track record of the developer over the years. Are often late for handing over the house? How is the quality of the building in previous housing projects. To find out you can look for housing or developer testimonials about it on the internet.

  1. Completion Facility

You can choose a house according to your wishes with various facilities offered by the developer. Amenities at least we can see both internal and external facilities. Intern typically include religious facilities, sports venues, playgrounds. And no less important also that external facilities such as the proximity of housing to hospitals, schools, markets and family recreation, also be a deciding factor for buyers choice.

  1. Convenient Payment Method

There are several ways the house payments are usually offered by developers is hard cash, cash loans and home mortgages. For those of you who have sufficient financial ability, how to pay hard cash is certainly an option. Developers will give you a big discount morning shoppers in this way. But for the financial capability mediocre, how to pay the mortgage and cash gradual long would be excellent.

  1. Ensure When to Handover Units

Ask to the developer, when you can occupy a housing unit that you buy. If there is delay, the consequences of what will be accepted by the developer.

  1. Additional Charges

After deciding to buy a house, allocate additional costs beyond the purchase price of the home. This extra cost is usually includes Vat, mortgage costs, and so on. The range is diverse, and just in case the amount usually ranges 15persen surcharge of up to 20 percent.

Thus some important things you should consider and survivors choose your first home!