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How to Choose Your Rope Lights

Even though most people know what to consider when installing their rope lights, very few homeowners know how to choose the right lights for their specific needs. There are so many specifics that go into the design and implementation of rope lights, all of which are designed to address different needs and applications. Here are some of the things you should always consider when buying your rope lights to ensure that you get the right thing.

LED or Incandescent

Incandescent bulbs are cheaper but consume more power. LED lights will definitely cost more but they save on power. In addition to this, they tend to have longer lifespans. They are perfect if you want long lifespan rope lights. Consider buying LED rope lights if you will be stringing long ropes and using them for long time.

12 volts or 120 volts

120 volt rope lights wouldn’t need a rope light transformer. In addition to this, the higher voltage will let you run longer rope lengths without losing current hence brightness. The only problem with more voltage in a circuit is that it makes it a bigger danger. Installing the subtle 12 volt rope lights in delicate areas like kid play spots or on the outside will reduce the electric shock hazard.

Choosing between a kit and a spool

If you are thinking temporary installation, you should go with the installation kit. Rope light kits are not only easy to string up and pull down but also come with ready circuitry and you can power them up real quick. A spool, on the other hand, is perfect for permanent installation. Spools can always cut up into different lengths and connected to the controller without affecting their performance. This means that you have what it takes to shape the spool into a permanent decorative installation.

The other thing to look at before choosing your rope light is the complexity of the decoration you want to implement. LED rope lights might be convenient but they are hard to implement complex designs with. With incandescent rope lights, you can always create a complex myriad of more than one two-wire ropes. Moreover, since incandescent rope lights have more controllers and configuration settings, they are natural fits to complex decorative scenarios.

The best way to ensure that you get the perfect rope lights at first attempt lies in ensuring that you weight your options before buying. This is crucial if you are to get the right rope lights for your job.

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