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The Difference Between LED and Neon Lights

Digital advertising has for a long time been a preserve of the big companies. Small business have now realized the potential that this form of advertising offers and opted for it. However, anybody using digital display advertising for the first time would be in a dilemma between choosing an LED display or a neon display. Which is of these is superior and what is the difference between the two?

Neon and LED lights both have a share of advantages and disadvantages. Most of them normally focus on the installation costs, maintenance, and the prices. In addition, there are a couple of personal preferences to consider. These include the space taken by the signs, brightness, and whether or not the can handle animations.

If you are looking for a good lighting at a proper price, then you’d probably want to purchase LED lights since they will cost you about 10% less than what you’d have to pay for neon lights. Although this many not seem much on the first look, but if you were to purchase in bulk, it makes more sense. Additionally, neon lights will be more expensive to maintain.

LED lights are usually lighter and thinner than neon lights, meaning that they are much easier to ship and also install. Unlike neon signs, LED ones don’t take up too much space. Once you install them, you won’t have much maintenance to do because they are easier to clean and retain their brightness for long.

Another integral benefit that comes with LED lights is their energy conservation capability. Their electricity consumption rate is said to be 8% less than neon lights. For anybody who needs lighting that doesn’t pollute the environment that much, LED would be a great choice. Also, the tubes don’t have toxic fumes, so you don’t have to worry about them causing hazards. Another advantage is that they don’t get hot when in use for long. They don’t burn out easy and don’t flicker time and again.

In terms of display, LED signs are clearer than neon ones. When you look at neon lights from a distance, they normally appear blurred while LED lights retain their brightness. You can view them from a long distance away and still see the animations if they are on the lights. Also, they can be used in glaring sunlight since it has little effect on their display capabilities.

LEDs have more advantages than neon lights despite the latter being used widely in advertising. Not only are they excellent for signage containing animation, but also last long.

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