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Should You Buy Window Well Covers? If you have decided to purchase a window well cover, then be sure that you are only buying the best one available. Strength is the first quality that you need to look out. You can go for the ones made from polycarbonate or steel since these types of custom covers are capable of holding up to 750lbs of weight. Make sure that the company you’re buying from offers guarantees and ideally, one that could last a lifetime. Doing research, reading reviews, ask around for some opinions and choosing the best firm is a must. At least, you are going to know that you’re buying the window well covers that have great quality and the one that you deserve. If you like more safety, you may also install lockdown system. After all, most of the home break-ins are taking place in the basement window and you could never be safe. The basement window well escape ladder is another nice accessory you may choose that is required by law on newly built homes with basement window wells. Safety is the top concern when it comes to the installation of basement window well. And in case that there were an emergency, the occupants can safely leave their basement or the emergency crews can use it to enter to the premises.
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Custom window well covers suit better, can hold more weight and another benefit is the fact that they’re built with InnerFIT system. This said system is a one of a kind way to manufacture window well covers. This consists of utilizing 2 inches angle iron frame that is following the inside lip of window well, giving you the most secure and the safest fit available. These said covers are easy to remove in cases of emergency as well. In order to remove custom window well cover, you just have to lift up the cover until the frame is above your window well. Then once done, you only need to pull it off or slide it the rest of the way.
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Using an uncovered well may pose serious danger to pets or children, even if you try to hide it behind bushes. It can even collect snow, rain, grass or leaves which may affect the foundation of your property. The debris and the leaves can also clog the drains and cause damage to your storm windows. The uncovered wells may lead to pest infestation if ever insects and stray animals find that this is a great place for them to breed or nest, which is just another reason why it is best to purchase window well cover.