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How to Find a Good Air Conditioning Expert The popularity of an air conditioning contractor doesn’t always make him the best fit for you. In fact, these pros will always enjoy a huge demand, considering most people have their own air conditioning systems to maintain. If you really want no less than the best, make sure you’re ready for some research. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s (AACA) website would be a great place to begin. Review and rating websites can also be a lot of help, or better yet, seek recommendations from people you trust – friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. Lastly, give the Better Business Bureau a check. This is where you can see if a contractor has had any customer complaints. Prior to actually hiring your prospect, you should look for certain documents:
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1. License This depends on where you are located. In some areas, contractors have to get a state, municipality or county license. Find out the requirements in your state, and only work with a licensed contractor if applicable. 2. Bond
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The bond is important because it is both a precaution against unfair transactions and a financial net for you, in case any problems with the agreement arise. It’s a prerequisite for licensing, so again, find out your state’s requirements for air conditioning contractors. The bond amount can vary from place to place. 3. Worker’s Compensation If a worker dies while working on your equipment in your property, worker’s compensation insurance will spare you from liability. Certainly, the license and surety bond are important requirements, but you should also ensure that the contractor has all the necessary permits. To avoid technical problems or misunderstandings in the future, you should pick a contractor with significant experience with your existing system. If you intend to install a new system, know which contractors have expertise in the specific brand or model. Beginning with your first inquiry, keep all communications with your prospective contractor in writing. It’s usually better to send an email instead of a phone call so you can have a paper trail to review, in case some promises aren’t kept. Needless to say, don’t depend on oral promises. All quotes or bids should be in official writing. Before you sign a contract, make sure it includes the following: > Timeline in detail > Breakdown of labor and equipment costs in full detail > Payment schedule > Deadline for the project Also ask for at least three references of past clients. Do call these people and don’t hesitate to ask questions. This way, you can learn about the air conditioning contactor from all sides. You don’t want someone you’ll regret choosing later on, especially noting that HVAC services are far from cheap.