How To Use Box Cutters Safely

You can use box cutters to open sealed packages. Just like the name implies, they are rectangular in shape and feature a sliding blade. You can adjust the length of the blade to accommodate your needs. It is a really helpful tool. However, if it is mishandled, it can be very dangerous. That is why it is important to follow the following safety rules.

Watch The Blade

Make sure you always know where the blade is at. If you are not using the cutter, make sure you retract the blade. When you are using the blade, make sure you always know where it is pointing. Do not point the blade towards yourself. If you hand the blade to someone else, make sure that you have retracted the blade. Make sure that you never pass the cutter to someone with the blade out. You could severely hurt someone.

Be Careful About How You Cut

When you are cutting, never pull the blade towards yourself. If you slip, you could injure yourself. Make sure that you always cut by pushing the blade away from you. Never use your body to stop the blade. Be sure to always push and cut going in the opposite direction of your body.

Protect Your Hands

Another way you can protect your hands when using a cutter is by wearing heavy duty protective gloves. Make sure the gloves that you wear at least have a mesh lining. Mesh linings can resist penetration and protect your hands from getting cut.

Store It Safely

Never place it inside of your pants pocket. The blade could slip out and you cut your leg. Do not risk getting cut. After you put the blade away, place it in a safe place, then take your gloves off. The box knife is a weapon that you need to handle with precaution.

Box cutters are very handy tools. They can open almost any box. However, they are sharp and can be dangerous if you do not handle them properly. Never cut towards your body, always cut away from your body. Wear protective mesh gloves when you handle it, and make sure you store it somewhere safe, not inside of your pocket.