How to select the best glass top dining table for your dining room

Dining table is a table at which meals are served. The dining table also can be called as a piece of furniture consisting of a flat top (either in round, square, oval or rectangle shape) supported by four legs used mainly for serving meals. Glass top dining table is a normal dining table but supported by a wide glass top. The base of the table can varied from different materials but basically the most common material used to build the base of glass top dining tables are wood and marbles. Glass top dining table also can be differing from the quality of the glasses on the top. The glasses can be either pure clear or glossy shredded with decoration lines and pictures.

Glass top dining table also can be differing from the number of seats they have. The normal seats for these tables are 2, 4, 6 and 8. It is hardly for you to find seats in odd numbers. Round glass top dining tables normally consists of 4 seats. Whereas rectangular and somekeyword normally consists of 6-8 seats. 2 seats glass top dining room table hardly find in the furniture market unless you place a tailor-made order on it. For design, you may choose the dining tables either in pedestal or trestle design. This is the two most common designs applicable for glass top dining tables. However the design also can be differentiating by table leg.

Glass top dining room table also can be differing in terms of shape. Different shape of table consist different kind of sense and effect. The most practical shape for glass top dining table is in rectangular. This is due to the reason of this table shape providing more space for meals serve activities. Others table shape like round glass top dining tables and oval shape of glass top dining table also welcomed by many families dining room.

Glass top dining tables can be differentiating based on their style. The normal glass top dining table that we’ve seen in people’s house would be contemporary, traditional and country style. However there are still many table styles for your option. The modern glass top dining table style inclusive of rustic, casual, retro, transitional and mission (or shaker) always become the preferred choice for younger generation. Somehow there also still have people that love antique glass top table like French country (or provincial) and Queen Anne style.

A good somekeyword should have a good quality table top base. Many round glass top dining table and oval glass top dining tables choose fine wood like cherry and oak as their table to base. However there are still many others good material for your option like metal, rattan, tile top, marble, travertine and wrought iron. These bases support the glasses top and strengthen the functions of the table.

The prices for glass top dining tables are subjective to its quality and materials. However you can get a good on with the price of ~$400 or lesser. Some luxury glass top dining table can charge over $5000 and normally the table set consists of more than 8 seats. Sometimes the table seat was expensive due to its work on the details of the tables and the seats. These luxury glass top dining tables normally provide gold, silver or jade sculpture craft on the side of the tables and the seats. However the glass top dining table is come between the prices of $400 to $950.

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