How To Make Scented Soy Candles At Home

Soy candles are better for the environment and rapidly gaining popularity among people in the United States. Many people are seeking out ways to create their own soy candles. Soy candles are relatively inexpensive to create at home, and crafters can work with various scents to create a unique and powerful candle.

First, the crafter will place the soy candle’s base substance into a double boiler. Then, the crafter can add color cubes to make their candles whatever color they desire. It’s great to use color cubes that match certain rooms in a residence or color patterns in a home. For example, some deep purple candles may look elegant in an Italian-themed kitchen.

After adding the color cube to the soy’s base, the crafter will add their scent. If wondering how to scent soy candles, fragrant oils tend to be the cleanest option. These oils can be purchased widely and inexpensively, and they have incredible aromas. Some common scents may include lavender, honeysuckle, peppermint, and much more.

People who want to purchase soy candles to compare their home-made candles to can look at popular brands on Amazon. Old Factory Candles is a great option. Their candles have wonderfully vibrant scents. If testing out scents, it’s best to buy small gift packs of candles with multiple scents. This will allow customers to experience as many fragrances as possible for their money. To check out a gift set from Old Factory Candles, click here ( to access their products on Amazon. Their candle gift set features scents like lemongrass, olive blossom, and fresh linen.

Once the scent has been stirred in, the crafter will place a wick inside a glass jar and pour the soy substance into the glass jar. The wick should stay centered while the substance cools over night. When the substance is finished cooling, the wick can be trimmed to a neat level. Crafters may want to decorate their candles further with ribbons, glass painting, or name tags. Personalized soy candles can be an incredibly fun craft to try out around the holidays. Soy candles burn cleaner and longer making them the ideal craft or creative gift for a loved one.