How to Maintain Your Vinyl Flooring

Your vinyl flooring was probably an affordable choice for your home. Even though this can be a budget-friendly option, it’s still important to keep it beautiful for as long as possible. Read below to learn what you should do to clean and protect it from damage and excessive wear.

Initial Care after Installation

After installation, follow manufacturer guidelines to ensure that the vinyl flooring cures and bonds effectively. This involves maintaining a temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit in the room for at least 48 hours after installation. Protect the seams of the material for about eight hours after installation to ensure that nothing disrupts the bond. Avoid walking on seams or placing any weight on these areas for the best results.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning will keep the material shiny and lustrous. Use a cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. Clean spills as they occur to prevent permanent staining, and sweep up dust and dirt daily to keep the surfaces from becoming dull.

Periodic Cleaning

Once or twice each year, consider stripping the vinyl flooring with a stripping product. This will remove build-up from the surface, which will help maintain the shine. After stripping, apply a fresh layer of glossy or satin finish to the surface to add a new layer of shine to the surface. Allow the finish to dry completely before you allow foot traffic back into the room again. Consult product recommendations and follow them carefully.

What to Avoid

Do not use abrasive cleaners and detergents on the vinyl flooring. Never use a tool that involves harsh scrubbing, such as a rotating scrubbing brush. These products can damage the surface of the floor and make it dull over time. Avoid polishes with a solvent base, and do not use paste wax on the surface. When cleaning dirt and debris, do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating beater bar because this can cause damage. If you have grout between vinyl tiles, avoid using a stripping product on the grout because you could stain the tiles.

Safety Measures

To keep your surfaces looking new and beautiful, place protective mats at each entrance of your home to capture as much dirt as possible. Choose mats without latex or rubber backing, however, because these materials can cause permanent stains. A woven rug or a mat with a vinyl backing is ideal. Also look for a mat that indicates “colorfast” on the label, because these mats will not result in permanent color stains.

Always place furniture onto protectors to prevent indentations from occurring on the floors. When moving heavy appliances or furniture, prevent scuffs and tears from occurring by placing the appliance or furniture onto a sheet of plywood and moving the plywood. Avoid rolling casters on vinyl flooring, because they can cause significant damage over time.

Protect your investment by following manufacturer recommendations. With proper care measures and ongoing maintenance, your vinyl floors should stay beautiful and shiny for many years.

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