How To Maintain A Modern Sofa

A modern sofa is a must have for any home. They come in different sizes, designs, and made of different materials that will surely fit with the taste of any individual today. You have the leisure to pick the perfect one for your needs among the thousand of modern sofa selections in the market today. But what happens next after bringing home that modern sofa? How do you maintain their quality? Maintenance is important in keeping your modern sofa in tip top shape. For steps on how to maintain your sofa, read on.

Identify The Material

For proper maintenance of your modern sofa, you first have to identify the material used for its make. You might accidentally ruin the quality of your sofa when using a wrong cleaning agent for it. To avoid this, it is essential to clarify with the furniture shops or with the manufacturer on what is used for your modern sofa, and some advice on how to properly clean it without compromising its quality.

Easy Cleaning For Leather Sofas

If the modern sofa is made of leather then maintaining it is easy. Get a rag or a feather duster to brush dust and other grains away from your sofa. You may also dip a cotton cloth or rag in water and wipe your sofa clean. This will ensure that you get all the dust. Don’t forget to wipe on the corners where dust accumulates. Then polish it of with some cleaning agent for leather you can buy in hardware stores to bring back the shine.

Fabric-Made Modern Sofa Cleaning Tips

As for modern sofas made of fabric, you may give it a good run with a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust particles on it. A hand vacuum would be perfect for this scenario. For stains, a soft cloth with some water and soap solution should do the trick. You can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush with the same solution for hard-to-remove stains. You can also get a fabric cleaning agent to make the job easier.

Fur Sofa Cleaning Guide

Modern sofas made of fur can be a hassle to clean compared to fabric and leather made sofas. This kind of modern sofa cannot be subjected to a cleaning solution, since it might be strong enough to destroy the fiber. One advice here is to stick with a vacuum cleaner to clean. Fur sofas are also very sensitive to dirt static charge may magnetize miniscule particles to it that makes it a lot of hassle to clean you need to do it in a regular basis. If you do want one for your home, be sure to keep it in a room with less exposure to dust or soil.

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