How To Let Your Friends And Family Know What You Really Want For Your Birthday

The most common question people ask themselves as their birthday nears is ‘what birthday gifts should I get?’ Especially when everyone around you is asking you what you would like to receive. It may be tough to say what it is you really want because it may be something expensive or very hard to find. But, opportunities like this do not come every day. However, how do you go tactfully about telling people what you want for your birthday? The answer is, there is no tactful way of telling people what you want. The very essence of a gift is that it is given by someone voluntarily. If you ask for something, then it is no longer a gift.

But, if you still want to let your near and dear ones know what is it you want for your birthday then you may try one or more of the following:

Give Hints

You can try dropping hints as your birthday nears that you would really wish you could afford to get yourself that latest ipad or purse. Giving hints is easy to do and it may just get you the gifts you want. You can even drop hints as you are shopping with your mom by pointing to really pretty dress you want and say (innocently), ‘I wish I could afford that.’ You can also try giving hints as that new advert comes on television while the family is watching.

List Gift Registry information on Invitations

The opportunity of getting the gifts you want to receive can be made easier if you register at a store before your actual birthday. There are gift registries available online and at actual stores. All you need to do is register and select the gifts that you would like to own. Then you simply list the stores where you are registered in your party invitations.

You Can Ask for Gifts Using Jokes

You can mention things to your friends when they ask you what you would like by saying something like, ‘oh nothing complicated… just a hot pink ipod to go with me new dress.’ This will make them smile and more inclined to give you what you want. If you have invitations to your party, then you can write different one-liners mentioning the gift you want to different people so you won’t get multiples of the same item. If you would rather buy something yourself, you can even say ‘any gift is appreciated, but what I really need is some help to save up for a trip to Egypt.’

Just Tell Them Straight Out

Another way is to simply say what you want when you are asked. The only problem is, what if nobody asks. The easiest way may be to just blurt it out at the dining table during a family dinner that you have a birthday coming up and you would really like to receive gifts you truly want or need and tell them what those are. They may get a shock that you would even dare mention what you want but it just might get you the gifts you are dreaming of.