How to Know When the Blinds Need Replacing

Nothing lasts forever, and that is certainly true of window blinds. Even with regular care and maintenance, the day will come when the homeowner will need to find replacements. Here are a few signs that the day has arrived.

The Slats are Cracking

Blinds are subjected to a great deal of natural light. Over time, this will cause the vinyl or plastic slats to break down. When those slats become brittle and start to crack, that is a sure sign that the homeowner needs to start looking for a new set.

The String is Breaking

It is one thing to restring a set of blinds that are only a few years old. It is another to do it a second and third time. Chances are that the other materials are already on the way to breaking down anyway. When the strings break a second time, realize that it is time to go blind shopping.

The Color Fades

The exposure to sunlight will cause the blinds to fade as time goes by. This is less noticeable with slats that are a bright white, but it still happens. Instead of the color fading, the white slowly changes over to first an eggshell shade and then begins to show signs of yellowing. Even if the rest of the window treatment looks great, those faded or yellowed blinds will make the windows look a little tired. Give them a fresher look by replacing those older blinds with new ones.

Redecorating the Room

Sometimes the reason for the replacement has nothing to do with the condition of the window blinds. For example, they may need to go because the older blinds do not fit into the new decorating scheme for the room. After going to all the effort to create a new look for the space, there is no need to keeping blind that are not the right match anymore. Take them down and find new ones that will enhance that new look.

For homeowners who have decided today is the day for new window blinds, visit and take a look at the offerings found there. It will only take a little while to find one or two ideas that will look great in the space and be the ideal way to dress those windows.