How To Keep Your Rugs Clean

Rugs placed in busy areas like the living room and the kitchen can easily get dirty. Dust, dirt, oily cooking residue, sand and moisture affect the rugs’ fabric and colors. If not properly cared for, they will look worn out faster than you think. A good clean is the prevention and the solution.

You can’t just toss a rug in a washing machine to get it clean again so how do you clean a rug? Here some good rug cleaning methods that make your rug look bright and fresh:

The most basic way of cleaning a rug is vacuum cleaning. This should be done fairly regularly except for certain rugs that are too delicate for vacuuming and should be shaken out rather than subjected to a machine. These include Flokati rugs and leather shag rugs. Rugs made from natural fibers such as bamboo or sisal can be shaken out or vacuumed, whichever is more convenient. If a rug is too large to shake by hand, place it on a fence or drape it over a railing, and beat it with a stick to get rid of dust. The more movement of people that occurs on or around a rug, the more often you will have to clean it in one of the above ways. Remember that a rug is usually vacuumed in the same direction as the pile.

Spilling is one accident that seems inevitable no matter how graceful and poised people tend to act with a pretty-looking rug around. A misstep is bound to happen somehow. What do you do when it does? Do something immediately. Don’t let the stain dry or else, a simple DIY cleaning might not be enough. Instead of rubbing the stain, use a paper towel or a wet cloth and just blot. Scrubbing the brand new stain will cause it to spread. If something semi-solid is on the rug, scoop it up with a napkin or scrape it off with a spoon, and then blot the stain.

If spills leave unpleasant stains, you can use a weak solution of dishwashing detergent, vinegar and water as a cleaning solution for rugs. This will be effective for most kinds of stains.

You can also use oxygen cleaners for dirt removal on synthetic rugs. Do not use this kind on wool and satin, as it will damage the rugs’ fabric. Even with a synthetic one, make sure to test on a hidden spot before doing the cleaning to make sure that the color will not be affected. Rinse the spot after and let it dry.

Finally, you can use dry powder cleaners. Vacuum the rug after to clean it off with the powder residue. You don’t want your rug to have some white stuff on it. Dry foam cleaners and steam cleaning are other two methods you can utilize.