How To Fit Your Own Carpet Tiles

Many people although see the need and fabulousness of carpet tiles opt out of having them in their own home due the expense of having the fitted by a professional. These people obviously have not looked in to them properly as if they had they would of found out that they are in fact extremely easy to fit and that they could of fitter them by themselves. To fit this amazing flooring solution you do not need any experience at all, its a completely easy process and all that you need to do is follow a few very easy steps.

If you would like to fit these in your home then first of all it is important that you make sure you have everything that you are going to need. You will of course need carpet tiles of your choice, a tape measure or ruler depending on what you prefer to work with, a cutting knife that has a sharp blade, a strong pair of scissors, a mop and bucket and finally some high quality carpet adhesive that can be bought at affordable prices from many, many places.

To start the process you should measure out the area in which you would like the tiles to go, you can do this with your ruler or tape measure. After this you should do some maths to see if the tiles your have are perfect for these measurements. You may even want to roughly lay them on the floor to practise and see how they are going to look. It would also be a good idea to remove absolutely everything out of the room so it is easier for you to work with. If the room that your fitting the carpet tiles in isnt the exact measurements of the tiles you may need to cut a few of the tiles down to size. You should do this as carefully and precisely as possible, measuring it our properly and cutting carefully with your scissors. If you choose to use your knife instead of scissors, although this may sound obvious you should do so on a surface that wont get damaged from the blade. If the surface that the tile are going on arent completely clean it will make sticking them much harder so you should have a good mop beforehand and wait for it to dry out.

You will then be ready to put your tiles down. You should follow the direction o the back of your individual glue to see just how much you have to use. You should start next to the wall to make sure you are fitting them properly and save you from any mistakes being made. Many people choose to glue a few tiles at once so they can get it done faster. This doesnt mean you should rush though, do not glue more than four or five tiles at once otherwise the glue might dry up a little and make them less likely to stick. After this all you need to do is bring your furniture back into whatever room it may be and enjoy.

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