How to Cool a Construction Site

While the conditions on a construction site can vary greatly, high temperatures can be especially problematic. Extreme heat can adversely affect building materials resulting in weaker construction prone to damage and failure. As the ground dries, equipment can be damaged by rising dust clouds and expose workers to fine particles of hazardous materials in the eyes, nose, and throat, and on the skin. Also, in spite of all reasonable precautions, workers can suffer unexpectedly from heat related illness and become incapacitated according to MovinCool.


 Being able to regulate the temperature during high heat days can help ensure the success of a project, saving the time and cost of fixing weak or broken materials, and keep workers happy and healthy. a portable a/c is a quick and effective solution when extreme heat becomes a problem.

 Portable ac units can be easily transported to the work site, smaller units can be placed centrally and are easy to move around as needed to circulate hot, dusty air with a cool breeze. Workers are better protected against heat stroke, heat exhaustion and airborne hazardous material, thereby increasing productivity. These units protect and preserve materials by slowing evaporation and maintaining a consistent temperature.

 Portable air conditioning can be used as part of a whole climate control system to manage the environment on site, maintain optimal conditions, and keep the air clean and cool.