How To Clean A Wood Floor L Parquet Flooring London

Today, I would like to explain about maintenance of wooden floors.

Actually, maintenance of a wooden floor is very simple. Mostly, you use a Hoover and a damp mop. If you spill a lot of water or food on the floor, it is not a disaster but you need to clean it up straight away. Don’t leave it for a long time so the wood doesn’t absorb the food and drink inside it. Actually, for the floor to be better looking, you can buy some cleaner for wooden floor in any shops. So you put this liquid cleaner in a bucket of water that you use for cleaning or you can apply it straight away on the wooden floor and use a mop so it will give the floor more shine and look more nice and fresh.

I fit parquet floors and other wood floors in London and these are the first pieces of advice I give to customers.

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After working with wooden floors for 14 years, I would like to explain the three biggest mistakes when you fit a wooden floor. This will be for for parquet, laminate and hardwood floors.

The first mistake is about the gap. When you fit a wooden floor, it doesn’t matter if it’s parquet, hardwood, solid, engineered or laminate — you must always leave a gap between the wall and the wood or the skirting and the wood. The gap is supposed to be between 10 and 15 millimeters. This gap prevents the expansion of wood in the future and so that the wood won’t rise over time.

The second mistake is about using the right glue which you put between the grooves. For this glue, you must use PVA waterproof. If you don’t use the right glue, the wood will start to open between the boards and you will see a big gap – so it doesn’t give you a quality floor.


…..If you don’t take these steps when fitting your wood floor, it might look new and fresh in the beginning, but eventually (while you won’t notice the changes) the wood will begin to contract and expand. And when there’s furniture on top of it and people walking, that will exacerbate the problem. Depending on how careless the wood floor fitting has been with installing your wood floor, you could see the wood floor planks begin to separate and rise…

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