How to Clean a Glass Door

Glass materials are great choices for walls and doors on houses and commercial buildings due to the fact that you can have a clear view of the outdoors without even having to go out of the structure. Although many people believe that these materials are not good choices when it comes to energy consumption as they tend to eat up a great amount of electricity when it comes to the setting room temperatures, many homeowners still want their effect in providing a beautiful view of the outside. >

Owning a glass door requires you to manage and watch out for various stuffs. Among these is the fact that they are prone to breaking when accidentally hit by a hard object. In this case, it makes the material a not-so-good choice for people who have children. In addition, glass requires more maintenance as compared to concrete walls due to the fact that dirt and stain will blur the view from the interior of the house or vice versa which is a bad thing if you are after visual appeal.
Regular Cleaning – the one and only way of keeping or managing a good looking glass door is by cleaning the material regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day though, but a minimum of 3 times cleaning a week is sufficient enough to make your door clean and clear for most of the time. Regular cleaning involves the right tools and materials for the job. Although working on your glass door may seem to be a simple and quite easy work, cleaning the material with the wrong stuff can only smudge and cause more problems instead of leaving a great job.
Tools and Supplies – for this part, you will need tools that are designed for cleaning and leaving glasses with no traces of smudges, stains, dirt, and hand prints. Cleaning instruments such as a glass wiper is great for this kind of task. It does not aggravate the problem instead it completely removes whatever is making an ugly view of the material. You can also use a mixture of water and detergent which is great for getting rid of hardened dirt, stain, and other stuffs that tend to get on the material. Old newspapers are also great materials that can be used as cleaning tools for the job. All you need is to dampen the paper so that the dirt and stain will stick on it while you wipe it all over the glass door.
Clean – regardless of which of these tools you use for your project, make sure that you do not wipe in a circular motion as this is not ideal when it comes to cleaning glasses. Vertical or horizontal strokes are much better when it comes to wiping dirt off glasses. In case you used vertical motion, make sure to be consistent to avoid spreading dirt or smudges all over the material. Repeat the process until you get a crystal clear glass or until you are satisfied with the results of your work.

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