How To Choose Slipcovers For Your Modern Sofa Or Chair

Slipcovers are great protection for your modern sofa. They can easily defend your sofa from stains and damage. Many homeowners choose to don their sofas or chairs with slipcovers especially if they have pets or children in the house. Slipcovers also take some load of maintenance and cleaning duties. Since they are the ones subject to stain, all you need is to slip them off the sofa, wash them, wipe the sofa and slip back on when their dry. Here are some tips when choosing on for your furniture.

Decide on the style

Before buying the slipcover for your somekeyword, make sure you know that this addition is geared more towards aesthetic than function. If you’re trying to conceal sofa damage, slipcovers definitely cannot help much. So moving on, decide on the style you want. With the number of designs available, its easy to get confused. If you want a calmer and more relaxed feel, choose a casual style. Consider the design of your room and be sure to go along with it.

Choose the fabric weight

There are several kinds of fabrics but not all are considered good slipcovers. If you’re thinking about a great balance for your modern sofa, opt for a lighter fabric. Velvet is considered heavy, and as such, dont usually compliment the sofa or the room. A good rule of the thumb is to always choose a light-to-medium weight slipcover.

Choose fabric texture and weave

While choosing the weight of the fabric is important, dont forget to choose the right texture as well. Again, dont forget to go in harmony with your rooms design. If you’re going for a more early Victorian look with a modern twist, damask is excellent. For solely modern designs, denim is great.

In addition, also remember to choose the right fabric weave. A good slipcover is made from tightly woven fabric. The tightness of the weave is effective in covering the fabric of the sofa underneath.

Pick the right length

If you dont want your slipcovers to easily soil, choose those that dont reach the floor. In fact, its recommended for slipcovers to not to reach the floor when donned on the soda. You even have the option of adding a skirt to change the look of the slipcover or enhance its style.

Dont forget the shape

Lastly, dont forget the shape of your modern sofa. Make sure that the slipcovers will fit the sofa once you put them on the furniture.

Mark Michael Ferrer