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Tips for Buying Bathroom Shutters

Choosing the right window treatments can be a bit daunting, whether you want style or privacy or the two combined. Should you shop online, at those fancy home centers downtown or a specialty store?

Windows make a great focal point in any room, including your bathroom, and shutters should be stylish and functional at the same time. Luckily, this comes so easy nowadays. Your bath can look a million dollars without making a huge dent in your pocket.

The following tips can help choose the right bathroom shutters:

The Fundamentals

When we talk about the basics of window treatments, we talk about light and privacy. How much do you need for each? Do you want the cozy, buttoned up feel or would you rather have it bright and airy? These questions will help you decide what material and colors to choose.

Costs and Budgeting

Do you need shutters just for one window in one bathroom or maybe for all the windows in all the other bathrooms in your house? If you’re outfitting more than one window, you might want to spend more on particular windows, such as those in the master’s bathroom, for example, and less on the others. Note that the bigger your windows, the more expensive the treatments will be. If you need custom-fitted shutters with a few extra features, you’ll obviously pay more as well.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another thing to consider when shopping for bathroom shutters is how much time and energy you can spend cleaning them. The typical simple designs are rather easy to handle, although they can also be such dust magnets. Textured shutters in darker colors can hide imperfections better, but they also tend to be harder to clean.

Your Personal Style

Are you more attracted to formal or casual? Flat or edgy? Bold colors add cheer to the atmosphere. Subtler hues are great for relaxation.


Yes, bathroom shutters can have safety issues too. If you have kids at home, you’ll probably need the streamlined, cordless type.

Shopping around, you’ll see many different materials used for making shutters. Wood is lovely and quite a favorite, but not for bathrooms. As you know, moisture can really be an issue, so choose faux wood or polymer instead. Any of the two can creates the same effect. If you want to save energy or filter light, insulating shutters are your best option.

Lastly, note that wide, horizontal slots are effective in making any window look wider and bigger, so they’re great for smaller bathrooms. On the other hand, if you have a window that is wider than it is tall, then vertical shutters will go just great, especially if you have a sweeping view outside.

If you intend to buy bathroom shutters on the Internet, be sure to know the website you’re dealing with. To be safe, stick to popular retailers, and always read reviews before placing an order.