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Air Conditioning: What You Should Know Air Conditioning is the process of altering the air temperature and humidity particularly in a room or an indoor space using a special machine to redistribute a more comfortable room temperature. In ancient era, people have already sought ways to produce cooler air to alleviate the hot temperature during summer seasons. But it was not until the late 1800s that professionals have started to experiment on creating a more efficient method of air cooling, using tons of ice cubes and fan systems to lower a room temperature. In the 1900s, one engineer finally managed to design a mechanical system of air refrigeration using cooling substances and a series of coils in a huge machine, which was modified over time into smaller ones that can be used in homes and not just in commercial establishments. By the 1950s, sales of the actual air cooling units increased dramatically, making it the most popular apparatus in American homes especially in warmer areas. As market competitions continue to grow, more companies have initiated newer mechanisms for the popular cooling machine. Modern AC units now use a cooling cycle, while newer developments are also able to make use of desiccation, external cooling, and evaporation. One innovation from the air cooling unit is the popular HVAC unit, which is also capable of creating warmer air. Air conditioners can also be purchased in more sizes, from window units, wall mounted units, to central cooling units that can efficiently decrease the temperature in all spaces of a residential or commercial unit. Whatever the size is, an air conditioning unit typically requires a compressor, refrigerant, evaporation coil, and an expansion valve. While most AC units require so much energy to work, newer versions have been developed to comply in energy efficiency ratings to help avoid expensive electricity bills.
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Aside from cooling homes in the hot summer and providing commercial spaces a pleasant temperature, the use of the modern air conditioning system has also been applied to vehicles especially automobiles, industrial uses in factories and laboratories, and even in farm animals to improve the quality of animal products.
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To keep AC units in its best shape, proper maintenance is always a must. AC units require regular cleaning few times a year, but often depends on the location, which always affects the cleanliness of the unit. Regularly cleaning your air cooler can help you save money and energy as it helps prevent an early breakdown of the unit, extending its lifespan, and helping it perform its function efficiently. If one is unsure how to handle an AC unit’s maintenance, professionals can be hired to check on the unit and ensure that it runs perfectly. Contractors are often available anywhere to provide services from AC installations, HVAC installation, to air conditioning repairs, and are always helpful when it comes to fixing or just maintaining your air cooler.