How Does Anti Crease Work In A Washing Machine

The beauty of modern washing machines is the extra functions you acquire as part of the package. Most modern washing machines will have an anti-crease function which means you can save time on ironing as clothes have less creases when they come out of the machine.

So how does anti crease work?

There are three ways in which an anti crease cycle could work in your machine. These are:
1.During an anti crease cycle clothes are tumbled both clockwise and anti-clockwise to prevent the centrifugal force pushing them hard against the side of the drum. When clothes are spun in a single direction the force combined with the weight of the clothes can develop deep creases in the fabric. By spinning in two directions the force is lessened and fabric moves much more, so creases don’t have the time to become well established.
2.Other anti crease programmes work in different ways. For example, rinse hold can prevent creases from forming in your fabric. This works by suspending your laundry in water before running the final rinse cycle. If you remove clothes from the washing machine as soon as the cycle has finished the fabric doesn’t have the chance to settle – which can cause very deep creases to form. By using rinse hold and delaying the final rinse cycle you benefit from being able to complete the washing at a time to suit you, and remove it when you are ready.
3.In new machines there is sometimes an anti crease function which intermittently tumbles your laundry until you are ready to remove it from the machine. This works in the same manner as rinse hold in that it doesn’t let the fabric settle, which is when deep creases form. In addition to decreasing the amount of ironing necessary this programme also reduces tangling.

The PWE8168S Indesit washing machine offers an anti crease programme which works by intermittently tumbling clothes at the end of the cycle, preventing creases from forming. Many somekeyword work in this capacity.

The Indesit PWE8168S is a large machine with an 8kg wash load – this machine is built for bigger families. The anti crease function is ideal for larger households because it could save a lot of time and effort as larger families, or households of many people tend to have eons of ironing to do. Just think what else you could do by freeing yourself from ironing.